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Toraysee™ For Endoscope (ES) is a patented, sterilized wiping cloth only for use with medical optical lenses. Ultra-fine, 2 micron fibers made by Toray's technology removes 99% of viruses that are smaller than Covid-19 while removing organic matter and other contaminants.

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High-Performance micro prism optical system with 3*1/2 inch CCD sensor to ensure good image quality (800tvl) 5 inch LCD display on camera with touching control for Menu and China Medical Equipment Co., Ltd

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1 X Microscope. 1 X USB Cable. Due to the different monitor and light effect, the actual color of the item might be slightly different from the color showed on the pictures. If item is defective after 3 months, you can still send it back to us.

Endoscopic Imaging Using a Multimode Optical Fibre

 · The interferometric acquisition of the transmission matrix (TM) of a multimode optical fibre (MMF), which is at the heart of multimode fibre-based endoscopic imaging methods, requires using a reference beam. Attempts to use an internal reference, that is to provide the reference in a common pathway geometry through the MMF itself, lead to a speckled …

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Traditional endoscope technology is well established and has reached a high degree of sophistication. One of the bottlenecks used to be the image transmission through classical optics. With the rapid evolution of microelectronics and compact imaging sensors, more progress is feasible, such as integrating a small camera into the endoscope tip

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Nanoscale misalignments between the elements or inputs and outputs of an optical or photonic assembly can significantly impact its performance. This issue pervades numerous advanced opto-electronic manufacturing markets, from lenses in high-performance cameras and objectives, to lasers, to LIDAR assemblies, to silicon photonic wafers in

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The devices ImageMaster ® HR and Universal provide an outstanding level of accuracy and flexibility when testing the MTF (modulation transfer function). The equipment is modular and upgradeable to allow for custom configuration as test requirements change. The instrument can be configured for testing optical systems with the object at infinity or object and image at finite …

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 · Product Structure Diagram of main control board . This is a USB2.0 interface high-performance image processing decoder board, built-in cash image processor and digital signal processor, output high-quality image quality, through advanced image algorithm technology, get professional image images, is an excellent solution in the field of medical …

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 · Design for Test—Plan Your Metrology Early. Most of us have heard of "Design for Manufacture" or DFM. This is a core tenet of the Optikos design philosophy and it is critical for optical hardware where tolerances are measured in microns, assembly and alignments can be labor intensive, and serviceability is a necessity for long-life

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High-performance lighting, detection, and optical solutions serving medical, consumer products, safety/security, industrial, semiconductor, scientific

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MSLVL2 Video Laryngoscope adopts state-of-the-art technique,possesses the advantage of 2.OM Pixels camera, high-resolution full-view monitor, unique anti-fog capability(no need to wait for preheating),long with portable ergonomic design,enabling clinicians to improve their chances of first-attempt success while minimizing the injury chance may occur during the intubation …

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Endoscopy. Excelitas provides leading medical OEMs with a variety of lighting, optics and light detection solutions for endoscopy and surgical visualization. Our Cermax Xenon, laser, and leading-edge LED illumination solutions couple with high-performance micro-optical elements, objectives and turnkey photonic payloads ready for integration

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New optical target projectors for high-speed camera testing The new CamTest ColMot 6.0 is characterized by a very long product lifetime, high speed for fast measurement and short cycle times. It is very user-friendly and has improved maintainability with an integrated cycle counter, temperature sensor and internal data storage of collimator

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Eyepiece 12x optical. Equipped with 21MM eyepieces, custom hoods. power monitoring electronic suite viewfinder". Video Signal: NTSC/PAL/SECAM automatic selection. Viewing Angle: 45° diagonal. Security Monitor display.

High-performance LWIR Thermal Imaging

 · The Tau 2 series comprises 40+ variants of the rugged longwave infrared (LWIR) thermal camera module.Teledyne FLIR has the user covered with high performance and reliable longwave infrared (LWIR) Tau 2 series thermal camera modules. Common interfaces and access to a US-based Technical Services team reduce development risk, development cost, and …

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High speed camera imaging system especially designed for optical investigations in internal combustion engines. The system comprehends optical adapters with customized dimension, endoscope, objective, high-speed camera, and the control system for …

BPM-EVS4343A Cassette-Sized Flat Panel Detector

a high performance, cassette-sized flat panel detector, Battery stands by for at least 8 hours.4343A supports IEEE 802.11ac with transmission speed up to 1300Mbps. The detector acquires outstanding images with high DQE and high resolution.

CamTest - Performance testing of camera modules …

New optical target projectors for high-speed camera testing The new CamTest ColMot 6.0 is characterized by a very long product lifetime, high speed for fast measurement and short cycle times. It is very user-friendly and has improved maintainability with an integrated cycle counter, temperature sensor and internal data storage of collimator

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CougIR is a high performance, affordable solution offering excellent imaging even through sand, dust, high humidity, fog and other battlefield obscurants. The flexibility of incorporating 17µm or 12µm arrays provides the system integrator with the ability to tailor the most appropriate solution while managing system costs.

Salt grain-sized camera overcomes previous limitations to

 · December 1, 2021. An ultra-compact camera — the size of a coarse grain of salt — for use in the human body, has been developed at the universities of Princeton and Washington. It overcomes previous approaches that captured fuzzy, distorted images with limited fields of view. The new system can produce crisp, full- colour images on par with